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Flame Retardant Filaments

These grades are made using UL-rated Flame Retardant (FR) polymers.  FR grades of plastic can be placed into two basic categories - those that have been formulated with additives to make them flame retardant, and those that are inherently flame retardant without the addition of additives.

Grades formulated to be flame retardant: FR-ABS, FR-PC/ABS, and FR-TPU.
Grades that are inherently flame retardant based on the nature of the polymer itself:  PEKK, PEEK, PEI, PPSU, PPS, and PVDF.

To use PEI, PEKK and the higher grade plastics you can upgrade your current printer with a COPPERHEAD or MOSQUITO hotend to achieve 450deg printing as long as your heated bed, power supplies and main board are up to it.

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