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High performance 3DXTech filaments

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FormTech sell the highest quality products we can find and justify -- 3DXTech Filament is just that. They've been around for years, one of the first companies to make high-performance polymer filaments -- that experience gives them some of the highest quality filament, and one of the biggest lineups of materials to choose from.

Recent News

  • Supercharged 3D Systems Cube Pro Trio, totally rebuilt into a high end production printer.
    May 8, 2020

    Supercharged 3D Systems Cube Pro Trio, totally rebuilt into a high end production printer.

    Production parts just got easier with the supercharged Cube Pro Trio re build, Open source.

    3DXTech filaments are now in New Zealand.  These high quality products now allow most home 3D printers to produce high quality, refined and stable production parts from their desktop printers.

    Having access to the high quality 3DXTech filaments meant that I could take an old Cube Pro Trio and turn it into a fast high-temperature production printer.  This means I can now use 4 types of filaments at one time, including water soluble supports. 

    This has taken my 3D printing to another level, and means there is less waste and less issues.  When it comes to filaments, you get what you pay for - so when quality matters, the 3DXTech filaments are fantastic.

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  • Super charge your 3D printer!
    April 14, 2020

    Super charge your 3D printer!

    Why buy an expensive 3D printer but have a cheap hotend?

    It’s the most important component in your 3D printer because its sole job is to melt the plastic into printable lines and needs to be highly accurate and reliable.

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