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Obsidian™ PA6+CF filament was formulated to be a lower-cost drop-in Markforged Onyx

1kg of Obsidian vs 750g Markforged Onyx

Alternative to ONYX suitable for all Markforged printers and DIY machines.

IMPORTANT: 3DXTech recommend to dry this filament on 1st use as it can be very hydroscopic even if new.

  • Drying Instructions: 90°C for 4 hours if the filament exhibits signs of moisture

We developed this material after extensive analysis and testing on our own in-house Markforged printer and many outside beta testers.

The result is a seamless printing experience that produces parts with an outstanding appearance and excellent mechanical properties.

Made using premium high-modulus carbon fiber and PA6 copolymer, Obsidian™ is an excellent alternative to Onyx™ that allows our customers to save money when using your Markforged printer.

Don’t have a Markforged printer? That’s no problem – Obsidian™ is also compatible with all non-Markforged printers that are suitable for printing PA6+CF. 

Take advantage of the excellent strength, stiffness, and appearance of this specialty material without over spending on Markforged Onyx™.

 Technical data sheet for this product here

Benefits of Obsidian™ PA6+CF [Markforged Onyx Alternative]:

  • Drop-in for Onyx™ without any changes required to print settings
  • >30% savings vs. Markforged Onyx™
  • Excellent strength and stiffness
  • Resistant to aliphatic hydrocarbons (oil/gas/lubricants)
  • Superior dimensional stability (low warp/shrink/CTE)
  • Compatible with Markforged FX20, X7, X5, X3, Mark Two, Onyx Pro, and Onyx One printers

Filament Specifications:

Diameter:  1.75mm +/- 0.05mm

1000g rolls in BLACK only

Print Recommendations:

Obsidian™ was formulated to be a drop-in for Onyx™ without any changes to the print settings.

3DXTech Recommended Print Settings for Non-Markforged Printers:

Formtech's Settings for what I have tweaked for my machines ( Non MF)

  • Extruder : 280°C - I run hot and seems to work very well
  • Bed: run at 110°C- Once again stops any lift off and keeps plastic under control
  • Brim: YES, helps with warping later on 10mm brim 1st layer
  • Perimeter walls 3min and top and bottom 4 min
  • Magigoo PA ( Nylon) on clean well washed G11 bed
  • Chamber warm but not hot, ambient temp from the bed

Drying Instructions: 90°C for 4 hours if the filament exhibits signs of moisture

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