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ReForm rPET

ReForm is a sustainable initiative within Formfutura to proactively contribute to making 3D printing more sustainably by reforming post-industrial waste streams into high-end filaments. The ideology behind ReForm is to a make 3D printing more sustainable – without having to make compromises on material properties – and yet keep it affordable.
ReForm rPET is a recycled PETG filament made from post-industrial waste from a nearby located bottle manufacturer. ReForm rPET is a tough filament that is very easy to print and available in a wide range of vivid colors.

  1. ReForm rPET is made from post-industrial waste from a local bottle manufacturer.

    • The travel distance for the post-industrial shredded PETG waste is very limited!

  2. The shredded post-industrial waste then needs to be compounded.

  3. The compound needs to be dried before it can be extruded.

  4. After being dried the compound is being extruded into ReForm rPET filament.