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Supercharge your desktop printer

This video from Slice Engineering says it all, watch now...

The Copperhead is a low-cost, open-source hotend option that can handle the heat — heat creep, that is.

Replace your factory model hotend with the Copperhead™, to upgrade your 3D printer’s performance and reduce jamming, giving you a smooth print every time.

The Copperhead can be installed on just about any printer, there are many adapter plates and connections that are printable or made from cnc, most are found here:

Unlike most materials, plastics don’t have a clean transition from solid to liquid during melting. As filament moves through the hotend, it heats up and reaches the material’s glass transition temperature (Tg), entering a semi-solid, semi-liquid, “gooey” state. While in this state, the plastic responds to applied forces like a wet noodle, causing undesirable print effects like reduction in resolution, blobbing and jamming. An efficient heat break narrows the physical distance during which the plastic is at it’s Tg, and thus improves 3D printer performance. The Bimetallic Heat Break™ from Slice Engineering® is the only heat break designed through the use of thermal imaging to optimize heat transfer.

Primary benefits:

  • Heat sink designed optimized for noise reduction
  • Bimetallic Heat Break™ technology
  • Rate to 450°C to cover the gamut of 3D printable thermoplastics
  • Versatile mounting options, including a groove mount configuration for optimal flexibility
  • Uses Rep Rap style nozzles
  • Quick-swap capability for hot components
  • Adjustable length to level multi-extrusion systems
  • High-quality materials include a hardened copper alloy hot block, cold-worked stainless steel, and aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Open source - published under a CC BY SA 4.0 license

Select the parts that suit your printer from the selections below.

Needed to buy:

  • High temp thermistor for the hotend- LINK here
  • 12v or 24v Heater cartridge- LINK here
  • 40mm or 20mm fan or print adapter to suit your voltage

Build your hotend - You need to select from the options below:

  1. Copperhead hot block
  2. Heat break- To suit your printer
  3. Heat Sink - Groove or screw type to mount to your printer.
  4. Add each to your cart
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    Copperhead™ Heat Sink

    Copperhead™ Heat Sink Aircraft-grade aluminum heat sink Fits the Standard Copperhead™ Heat Break Two variants available SEMI™ mount Groovemount F...

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    Copperhead™ Heat Break

    Copperhead™ Heat Breaks Bimetallic Heat Break™ Rated to 450 °C Covers the gamut of printable thermoplastics Eliminates Heat Creep Copperhead™ Hea...

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