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Supercharged 3D Systems Cube Pro Trio, totally rebuilt into a high temperature production printer.

Supercharged 3D Systems Cube Pro Trio, totally rebuilt into a high temperature production printer.

Production parts just got easier with the supercharged Cube Pro Trio re build, Open source FFF printer.


Having access to the high quality 3DXTech filaments meant that I could take an old Cube Pro Trio and turn it into a fast high-temperature production printer.  This means I can now use various types of filaments including water soluble supports. Including High Temp filaments up to 420deg C

This has taken my 3D printing to another level, and means there is less waste and less issues.  When it comes to filaments, you get what you pay for - so when quality matters, the 3DXTech filaments are fantastic.  



Specifications of the new machine, after its rebuild

Cube Pro Duo Mosquito Liquid, water cooled high volume printer

Retrofitted electrics, Open Source main board with Raspberry Pi4 to complement the existing drive train on board the Cube Pro

  • Marlin 2.0.x open source firmware 32 bit
  • TMC2660 big foot stepper drivers
  • Raspberry PI 4 Octo print headless on board, with wifi
  • Twin Liquid Mosquitos water cooled from Slice Engineering
  • 450deg rated heat blocks and heaters for PEKK etc.
  • Twin Bondtech BMGX2 bowden drives complete control
  • Heated 310mm square aluminum build plate 750w  230v AC bed ( 30sec heat up time to 120deg C)
  • On board Rpi Camera wide angle for Octo print and Spaghetti Detective.
  • 2 filament bays internal for pre drying capacity, great for ABS and Nylon 910 
  • Enclosure ventilation suction fan 40mm rear mounted to external vent for ABS and PEKK printing
  • Flexible filaments and water soluble supports printed easy as
  • 12v 450w Power supply on board for all equipment
  • 5v PSU power supply on board for Rpi 4 (dedicated supply)
  • Cube pro enclosure, insulated and isolated from electrics for heating enclosure internal for better fusion on prints.
  • PEKK, PEEK and Carbon reinforced print ready

History on this build

These days there are lots of old 2nd hand printers out there in the market that sometimes need a new lease on life.

3D Systems produced their desktop Cube Pro Duo and trio several years ago and sent them off into mass manufacture.

They are out there for a good deal, if you are patient and can find one.  I found mine on Trade Me.  Also check out eBay and hit up your network.

Built like the proverbial 'brick shit house', these machines were slow but did a great job. The internal drive train, stepper motors, rails and enclosure are generally built very well, they form a solid basis of a good rebuild.

The professional looking enclosure is also well made, from Aluminum composite panel (ACP) with a LCD in built and glass door to top it all off.

Proprietary software and filament cases (with electronic chip) meant you where locked into their software and their filament.  In New Zealand it was hard to source filaments, which is frustrating and limits what you can do with the machine.

I found my printer on Trade Me in mid 2019, after a mate had also bought 2.

If you have built or rebuilt your own 3D printer that is a bit unusual in some way, I'd love to hear about it.  Just add your comments below.


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