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Magigoo PA Nylon Coater 250ml

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Original price $565.00
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Apply Magigoo Adhesives with a Single Swipe and Micron Precision

NOTE: This item is indented from Singapore directly from Magigoo, pre order and shipment will be placed.

This kit is Magigoo PA Nylon filaments 

First layer build-plate adhesives are required to mitigate the warping effect in the FDM printing process of commodity and engineering grade thermoplastic filaments.

If your AM process involves numerous build surfaces in a printing farm set-up or 3D printers with large build surfaces, applying first layer adhesives using glue-stick, pen type or brush-on adhesives simply takes a lot of time and can result in an uneven application.

The Magigoo coater enables you to pump once and spread the layer with thin film applicator in a quick, convenient and reliable manner on your FDM printing surface.


How-to videos highlighting first-use, assembly and cleaning operations for the Magigoo Coater

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