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Cube Pro Duo ( rebuild high temp) water cooled 3d Industrial printer- Water Cooled

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Cube Pro Duo, water cooled high volume printer 310x310 build volume

Retrofitted electrics, Duet main board with on board LCD to complement the existing drive train on board the Cube Pro

  • Duet 32bit 124Mhz firmware Wifi main board
  • 7" LCD touch Screen
  • TMC2660 silent stepper drivers
  • Twin mosquito high temp hotends 450deg rated
  • Water cooled extruder block from Slice Engineering ( Mosquito)
  • 450deg rated heat blocks and heaters for PEKK etc.
  • Twin Bondtech BMGX2 direct drives mosquito hotend ready
  • Heated 310mm square aluminium build plate 750w  230v AC bed ( 30sec heat up time to 120deg C)
  • On board Rpi Camera wide angle for Octo print and Spaghetti Detective.
  • 2 filament bays internal for pre drying capacity, great for ABS and Nylon 910
  • Flexible filaments and water soluble supports printed easy as
  • 24v 450w 16amp Power supply on board for all
  • Cube pro enclosure, insulated and isolated from electrics for heating enclosure internal for better fusion on prints.
  • PEKK, PEEK and Carbon reinforced print ready 450deg ready.
  • Labour and retro fit install cost and time included.