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57mm Hybrid 0.9deg Stepper Series Nema 23


The 57mm Hybrid Stepper Motor Series offers powerful holding torque in a variety of sizes. Use with a microstepping driver to reduce vibration and achieve higher step resolution. Choose a baseline version or request your own customized configuration.


  • Bipolar or unipolar versions available
  • 0.9deg stepping 400 revolutions per 360deg
  • Holding torque 18.9 kg/cm
  • Amps per phase 2.8Amps
  • Hybrid stepper construction
  • Available in single or double shaft versions
  • CE and RoHS approved
  • Customizations on request

Download the datasheet: Note this is 0.9deg not 1.8deg as shown on PDF, they are available in both stepper rates. Use this SKU LDO-57STH56-2804MAC