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E3D Hemera Bowden Kit (1.75mm)

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Looking to upgrade your printer with a next generation extrusion system?

Hemera is a compact, dual drive extrusion system that pairs excellently with the E3D V6, Cyclops+, Chimera+ or other 3rd party hotends.

Dual drive

Hemera features a dual-drive, hardened stainless steel drive train, providing a huge boost in grip compared to single drive systems. As standard, it is fully capable of printing abrasive filaments without risk of premature wear.

Mounting made easy

The custom motor, based on a NEMA 17 frame with custom faceplate designs, allows square nuts to be placed into the T-slots for convenient mounting to your printer.

Key Features: 

- Direct drive 

- 10kg pushing force

- Great for flexible filaments 

- T-slot mounting system

- Optimised airflow

- Maximum temperature: 285°C or 500deg with copper heat block or mosquito hotend.

Firmware details: ( link to E3D website)

DataSheet: ( link to E3D website)

  1. Drive type: dual drive with adjustable tension idler
  2. Max printing temperature: 285°C (upgradable to 500°C)
  3. Mass: 388g (including V6 hotside)
  4. Max pushing force: ~10kg*
  5. Dependent on filament
  6. Flow rate (based on V6): 600mm³/min*
  7. Dependent on filament
  8. Nominal steps per mm (16x): 409 steps per mm (further calibration required)
  9. Motor current: 1.33A
  10. Filament diameter and tolerances: 1.75±0.05mm
Please note:

Whilst Hemera’s custom motor is similar to a Nema 17, it isn’t a standard Nema 17. Therefore, Hemera is not compatible with other Nema 17 motors and you'll not be able to swap the motor with either a compact but powerful/ slimline motor or other 3rd party motors.


Kit includes:

- 1 x Hemera assembly

- 1 x 1.75mm Bowdaptor

- 1 x 1.75mm collet

- 1 x 1.75mm collet clip


Please NOTE:

Shipping lead times are indented, please allow 6 days from order due to demands and stock levels for this product.

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