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E3D ToolChanger & Motion System Bundle



The E3D ToolChanger and Motion System is an advanced research platform that allows up to four Multi-Material / Multi-Function tools (such as lasers, subtractive tools, pick & place, paste extruders, inspection cameras and anything else you can dream up), to be utilised during a single print.

Please note - this kit does NOT include Tools, Extruders or PTFE tubing, these need to be purchased separately.

Please note - this bundle does not include Tools, Extruders or PTFE tubing. For a full kit you will also need to purchase the following:

2 x Standard Titan Extruders with bowden adaptor and motor

2 x Mirrored Titan Extruders with bowden adaptor and motor

4 x V6 Bowden Tools

20 x units of PTFE tubing per V6 Tool

Motion system

A Fabtotum inspired CoreXY Motion system provides a fast, precise, and sturdy platform. With no flying motors, no crossed belt paths, and an incredibly lightweight moving mass.

The Motion System is built for high speeds and quick accelerations. Moon’s motors and Genuine Gates 2GT Belts produce fast, reliable and longer-lasting performance.

To ensure the high accuracy of the Motion System the three main axes come pre-assembled, allowing for a simple assembly experience with no additional need to tension.


The ToolChanger ToolHead is the core mechanical component of the tool changing system. Bolting directly onto the Motion System’s X-Carriage it provides the pickup and drop-off action enabling the use of different ToolHeads using the standardised E3D tool plate.


The Duet2 wiring kit provides a neatly managed, plug & play solution for running the Motion System, ToolChanger ToolHead and up to four V6 Bowden HotEnd Tools. Whilst designed for the Duet2 WiFi / Ethernet in mind, it should be generally applicable to any microcontroller capable of controlling four tools.

Please note:

The 400W ToolChanger power supply is not suitable for use with the E3D Varipower bed, if you do plan on using a Varipower bed you will need to source a higher wattage power supply.

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