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ReForm rPET now added to the  Ultimaker Material Alliance Program

ReForm rPET now added to the Ultimaker Material Alliance Program

FormFutura are excited to announce that as of June 2020 ReForm rPET has been adopted into the Ultimaker Material Alliance Program (UMAP). This is a big milestone for FormFutura as while this is not our first product joining the program, ReForm rPET is the first fully recycled filament to join – and we are really excited about that.

The Ultimaker Material Alliance Program

All materials adopted in the UMAP come with printing profiles that will be available on the Cura Marketplace, dedicated to specific Ultimaker 3D printers. Through these readily accessible printing profiles, processes like switching configurations for materials and starting prints become more streamlined and user-friendly.

As the 3D printing industry is growing and evolving and FormFutura is evolving with it, with one of our primary goals being to offer users a complete and efficient printing solution. A solution in which hardware, software, and printing materials are in tune with each other and are greatly optimized. Participating in the Ultimaker Partner Alliance Programs is a development that perfectly aligns with that goal.

Over its 8 years, FormFutura has grown its portfolio from offering PLA and ABS filaments to offering more than 2000 products. If there is anything we have learned during all this growth, it’s that innovation should – and needs to – come from every direction. As a leading 3D printing materials provider, it is our belief that we are responsible for streamlining the interaction between our products and the production process.

By the way, did you know that multiple FormFutura products are already a part of the program? Here is a shortlist of the products that are currently participating and have printing profiles available in the Cura Marketplace:

EDITReForm rPLA is now also adopted into the program and its printing profile is available in the Cura Marketplace.

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